Provide the best quality in electrical installations across the country while maintaining safe standards, procedures and company culture.

Not the regular electrical contractor

We are not trying to compete for a market share of the electrical construction industry in the United States. We are here to be a team player. We provide support to existing large and small electrical contractors in the completions of their awarded projects. We support general contractors in the inspection and quality control of their electrical subcontractors. We apply modern ideas of maintaining safety within our budget of any project we aim to get. 

about us

Born at the end of 2020, zmart electric aims to become the leading electrical contractor in the United States. We provide experienced talent in the electrical industry, which gives us the advantage of using the latest and greatest technology advancements and application settings to deliver quality installation of every single project, from a dwelling unit service change to a multi-million dollar ground up facility. 

Our culture aims to maintain all our employees life balance happy between their families at home and their families at the work place. We strive to keep everybody safe providing top safety training to all our employees and making sure our clients understand that safety is our main concern when performing our duty on the field. Second comes quality, we aim to be known as having the best looking job site completions in the history of electrical inspections. 

Our many years of electrical experience combined between our team members gives us deep knowledge in the National Electrical Code book, providing the best electrical installations at every project. 

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Green Fields

making the world a better place

Doing our best to make our planet sustain itself with natural resources. We have implemented to zmart electric a team of experts in adding solar power to your home. Visit our solar page for more information.

Electrical Inspectors

We believe in education as we do in field training. At zmart electric we have committed in providing the best training to our team members. We are developing our own internal electrical school that not only will train on how to pass an exam but also on how to be a leader in the modern era, from running multi-million dollar projects to understanding the new way of dealing with life work balance. We provide the best technology to be used on the field eliminating by multiple digits the percent of human error. We don't believe in robots taking over the installation of electrical equipment but they have been very useful in solving electrical theory calculations in faster than human speed.